PBD Services

At PBD we offer everything that your business need to promote and sell its brand to potential customers. Just scroll down to find out how we can improve your image and take it to another level!

Design & Creative Services

Integrity is a beautifully crafted, all-purpose design that works equally well for creatives and professionals alike. Clean lines give it an understated elegance that feels current and fresh without being too flashy.

Simple logotypes for individuals & small businesses
Fully developed Logo to fit every possible environment
Market & Target Research
Dark Version Included
Up to 2 Free Revisions

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is designed to reflect not only your business name, but what you stand for. A critical touch point for all of your customer interactions. We help our customer make a visual statement and to communicate its business philosophy and how it wishes to be viewed by others, and how others recognize and remember you.

Simple logotypes for individuals & small businesses
Fully developed Logo to fit every possible environment
Simple logotypes for individuals & small businesses
Fully developed Logo to fit every possible environment
Dark Version Included
Dark Version Included

Website Creation & Managed Services

Using the philosophy of design as our key driver in building your website. PBD can tailor a website development package that is specific to your unique requirements.

One Page Websites for small businesses
Bespoke Websites
Hosting & Monthly Support avaiable
Online Shops
Monthly Contracts for small businesses
CMS Based Websites

Why PBD for your Business?

Do you even Design! Yes we do and here is why you should consider working side by side with us to make your personal project great and wonderful



Our apprach is unique and we never left you without being happy about any product you decided to create with us.



Morning or evening is always a good time to see how things going. Dont worry to email or call us at any time to discuss questions you may have.

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Always deliver and always chase the trends, this is us staying in touch with the industry day & night, we also however value family time even more than coding, most of the time.



Having been working intensive through the past years made us a great and experienced team to not fear any new project or request our  clients may have.


We live with Design. It’s in our blood, we breath with it, we wish to know what our clients do when they go shopping, surf the internet and even when they dream about their new car.

We analise new trends and techniques, always up for the job to deliver best to our skills and knowledge. We dont let others to mess around, so dont we let our clients to be a part of this. Thats why even when you small company or an individiual we threat you equal and offer best service possible.

Lets work together and success together. 

people use the Internet
businesses want to be visible
of visitors will use mobile to view your website
judge your business on how your corporate identity looks

Our Team

Lets see who we are and what we like to do. We even strive to hear from you!

Matthew Paliga

Lead Designer

I love to make things complicated more than they are, big coffee is my best solution.

Paul Evans

Sales & Commercial

I normally deal with clients but most evening spend with family and friends.

Bart Bundz

Project Resourcing Lead

Ok I normally get told to deal with boring stuff like making coffees and bringing beer for the evening nights out.

Contact Support

Any issues drop us an email, we’ll respond within next 8h.